A Year of Soda Consumption

The chart below visually puts into perspective how much soda is consumed by the average American in one year.  Considering that many people I know do not drink soda at all, there are a lot of people out there drinking MUCH more than what is depicted on this chart.

So if I did the math correctly- this equals 254 CUPS OF SUGAR!  Yuck!  What is that doing to people’s insides??  And what about all of the waste created by these empty bottles and cans?  Why is this considered acceptable in our society?

This substance can be highly addictive and even cause mild withdrawal symptoms.  But would you consider your family member who always has a can of coke in their hand an addict? And how can we kindly help them realize the harm they are causing?

(New York Times, July 23 2011)

My Suggestions:

Harmful Soda
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Please leave comments with other suggestions to help loved ones kick the Coke habit!

When did this happen?

At what point did our country give up on health and our environment? When did pesticides get introduced to our once pure crops? Who started adding chemical preservatives to food?  Why has our country become obsessed with buying cheap food that can sit on a shelf for weeks or months at a time?  When did plastic use become so prevalent?  Was it our parents generation? our grandparents?  When did this happen?

And what can we do to be the generation remembered for making a positive impact on health and the environment?

Is this for reals!?

Looking for a way to sneak some nutrition into your family’s diet?  Try WhoNu cookies!”

Wait, what?!  Cookies?  Did I just hear that commercial right?  Nutritious cookies?!  I had to look into this.

The WhoNu website boasts that 3 of these cookies provide as much nutrition as  bowl of oatmeal, a cup of blueberries, a glass of milk, a cup of spinach, two cups of carrot juice, a cup of cottage cheese with fruit, and a glass of tomato juice.  Wow!  That is pretty impressive for a cookie that looks just like an Oreo!  How do they do that? What magic ingredients are they using, and how do we know they are telling us the truth?  Let’s look deeper!

Their FAQ’s state the way a consumer can know if their nutrition claims are valid is because they have been validated by a third party lab.  Phew, that’s a releif!  A generic, unnamed ‘third party lab’ says that these cookies are good for us- so it must me true!  These cookie’s must be full of all-natural and healthy ingredients, right? WRONG.

After looking very deeply into the website (they do not make the ingredients list easy to find) I see that the cookies are made from flour, chocolate (sugar), high fructose corn syrup (lots of sugar), partially hydrogenated cotton seed oil, polydextrose (fiber additive with very little fiber), dextrose (sugar), corn syrup, sugar, soy lechitan (used in all processed foods), xantham and guar gum, caramel color (sugar)

Um, really!?

America has definitely become completely complacent when it comes to health and nutrition, but COME ON!  Are you really going to feed these cookies to your family and think they  are actually getting nutrients and vitamins?  This company should be ashamed of themselves for contributing to the health pandemic we are facing and preying on dumb consumers.

The good news is that you can actually create a healthy cookie- you just have to be willing to get your hands a little dirty!  Just check out some recipes from Mama Peas, a vegetarian mama with a new cookbook ‘Peas and Thank You‘ (too cute)!

The Anytime Cookie or the super nutritious Protein Trail Mix Cookie both look delicious and are full of all natural ingredients!  Fabulous.  Or if you are looking for a more natural Oreo, check out this Oreo recipe from Whit’s Amouse Bouche (which I will be attempting a vegan version of very soon).

Moral of the story: don’t believe everything you hear about supposedly ‘healthy’ foods.  Look into things for yourself and find recipes to make sweet treats at home minus all the weird ingredients!


Something to consider going into your weekend

Often, we find it okay to spend lots of money on driving a nice new car and living in a big fancy house.  Imagine if we all placed that same value on purchasing quality food and being healthy?

Considering the fact that the medical field and prescription drug companies are multi-billion dollar industries, would our stock market crash if we all took control of OUR OWN health through nutrition?

What would happen in this country if people didn’t need to be medicated and could heal themselves through their dietary choices?

Let’s start the discussion.  Leave some comments.