Is this for reals!?

Looking for a way to sneak some nutrition into your family’s diet?  Try WhoNu cookies!”

Wait, what?!  Cookies?  Did I just hear that commercial right?  Nutritious cookies?!  I had to look into this.

The WhoNu website boasts that 3 of these cookies provide as much nutrition as  bowl of oatmeal, a cup of blueberries, a glass of milk, a cup of spinach, two cups of carrot juice, a cup of cottage cheese with fruit, and a glass of tomato juice.  Wow!  That is pretty impressive for a cookie that looks just like an Oreo!  How do they do that? What magic ingredients are they using, and how do we know they are telling us the truth?  Let’s look deeper!

Their FAQ’s state the way a consumer can know if their nutrition claims are valid is because they have been validated by a third party lab.  Phew, that’s a releif!  A generic, unnamed ‘third party lab’ says that these cookies are good for us- so it must me true!  These cookie’s must be full of all-natural and healthy ingredients, right? WRONG.

After looking very deeply into the website (they do not make the ingredients list easy to find) I see that the cookies are made from flour, chocolate (sugar), high fructose corn syrup (lots of sugar), partially hydrogenated cotton seed oil, polydextrose (fiber additive with very little fiber), dextrose (sugar), corn syrup, sugar, soy lechitan (used in all processed foods), xantham and guar gum, caramel color (sugar)

Um, really!?

America has definitely become completely complacent when it comes to health and nutrition, but COME ON!  Are you really going to feed these cookies to your family and think they  are actually getting nutrients and vitamins?  This company should be ashamed of themselves for contributing to the health pandemic we are facing and preying on dumb consumers.

The good news is that you can actually create a healthy cookie- you just have to be willing to get your hands a little dirty!  Just check out some recipes from Mama Peas, a vegetarian mama with a new cookbook ‘Peas and Thank You‘ (too cute)!

The Anytime Cookie or the super nutritious Protein Trail Mix Cookie both look delicious and are full of all natural ingredients!  Fabulous.  Or if you are looking for a more natural Oreo, check out this Oreo recipe from Whit’s Amouse Bouche (which I will be attempting a vegan version of very soon).

Moral of the story: don’t believe everything you hear about supposedly ‘healthy’ foods.  Look into things for yourself and find recipes to make sweet treats at home minus all the weird ingredients!


I heart supporting local farms!

Joining a CSA is something I have been interested in doing for the past few years, and this summer I finally did it! In a crop share, you pay a flat fee to receive weekly produce that is all locally sourced and in this case organic. You can find CSA programs that are offered directly from farms, through farmers markets, or through local grocers.

This is the fantastic little grocery store here in my corner of the world that hosts my crop share:




Green Grocer receives the produce, bags it up, and automatically debits my bank account each week for the food. The cost is $17/week and depending on the weather some weeks are more plentiful than others. To be completely honest, there were a few weeks at the beginning of the season where I felt that I did not receive $17 worth of veggies. I believe this is because it was a SUPER rainy spring here in Chi-town which negatively affected the farms.

One of the things I love about my CSA is that Green Grocer sends out a weekly email including what veggies I am receiving, which local farm they are from, and a list of recipe ideas! I have discovered so many new foods and recipes that have become standards in our home.

Supporting local farmers makes me feel really good, and knowing exactly where my food is coming from and how it is grown gives me peace of mind. And I swear these veggies taste so much more incredible than the ones purchased at the big box grocery stores. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s organic or maybe it’s the fact that these veggies are grown and harvested with lots of love- whichever it is, I am a huge fan.

Well now that I have made myself really hungry, I’m going to go use my fresh blueberries and cucumbers from this week’s crop share to make a smoothie!